Sunday, April 1, 2012

In which I plan ahead.

 Today I cleaned out my freezer! Here it is all pretty and organized:

I've been wanting to do some freezer cooking for a while, and this finally gave me a little room to try it out.

I decided on freezing some breakfast burritos.

Ingredients: burrito-sized tortillas, sausage, eggs, salsa, cheese, and black beans.

Cooking the sausage... 

Scrambling the eggs...

Letting it cool in the bowl for a bit.

I used the whole jar of salsa. I feel like since it's vegetables and therefore healthy, it would be good to use even more... but maybe something even thicker and chunkier or it would make the whole thing soggy.

A good pile of cheese.

I was thinking about leaving the black beans out but when I mixed it up I felt guilty about how unhealthy it was looking.

So I added them. And they taste good in there, so yay.

Couple of spoonfuls of filling.

Folding it over. I was worried about this step but since the tortillas are so big there was actually quite a bit more tortilla there than I needed. Yay!

This one even stayed shut on its own.

Wrapping it in a paper towel is important because that's what you'll microwave it in later.

And I wrapped mine in foil. (Please ignore the terrible lighting in my kitchen.)

Apparently it's good to put them in saran wrap and then foil but that seemed wasteful to me especially since I don't plan on them being in the freezer for months - we'll probably use them up in the next couple of weeks.

I could only fit nine in a gallon freezer bag so I ate the tenth one.

These are about 500 calories each, so while they certainly aren't the most balanced meal, they're not an unreasonably huge breakfast or lunch to bring along to work.

These cost a bit over a dollar each for me to make, so they're a cheaper option than anything but a $1 breakfast sandwich at McDonald's. (An establishment which sadly is banned in our household - although I rebelliously get a salad for lunch there on occasion.)

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