Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nursery Plans

Nursery Ideas

Nursery Ideas by tryallthethings on Polyvore

I'm super excited to decorate the baby's nursery! I've never decorated a room from the ground up, it's just been about what we already owned, so this will be fun and different. (Although it's still all about what we can find at reasonable prices, so sadly I'm sure it won't resemble anything on pinterest.) I made a quick polyvore set of some of my ideas.

1. A red crib. I hate the more formal-looking cribs that are popular now so I hope we can find a cute Jenny Lind crib and paint it.

2. A bookcase, because obviously my newborn will be a voracious reader. I'm keeping an eye out for a nice vintagey one at thrift stores. (I wish I could ask if anybody wants to sell one, but everyone I know lives far away.) Even if it's only board books at first, I want my kids to always have a library.

3. A cozy chair. QUERY: why do all rocking chairs marketed to expectant mothers cost over a thousand dollars? (The one in the picture is from Anthro I believe. Ha. As if. Mine will be from a garage sale.) I don't plan on spending a thousand dollars for the whole room, much less a single chair. Does anyone have specific recommendations for what kind to get? I know I'm going to want a little seating corner but I really don't know if I want a glider, a rocker, or maybe just a cushy chair. And do I need one of those "nursing" ottomans or is a regular one fine?

4. If I get around to it, I want to make a cute mobile inspired by this canopy and mobile from IKEA. (I'm doing a circus-themed room inspired by some toys I inherited from my grandparents.) I like the circus-tent-esque shape of the canopy but it wouldn't be safe over a crib so I need to make my own thing that's going to be ok for a baby.

5. Here is the part I'll be super proud of if I get around to it before the baby is born. A gallery wall. I want to do some art that fits the circus theme (isn't the button elephant cute?) mixed with some family pictures, and then after the baby arrives I can make a shadow box with a tiny hat, hospital bracelet, etc.

6. Fun, colorful toys - I've been creeping on ebay already looking for vintage fisher-price but in real life I know I will give in and allow non-cute non-vintage plastic toys. But at least while the child is a newborn it can have a cute room that is not entirely occupied by a hot wheels track. (Kurt is really excited to buy it a hot wheels track for its birthday eventually. Also, nerf guns.)

My mom has a baby dresser for me, and we have a floor lamp. Besides a crib, bookcase, chair/ottoman/side table, does anybody have suggestions for what we need to have in the baby's room? I know people say you don't need much but it's just like going on vacation, you're always scared you're going to forget something. I need to have my list so I can start hitting up thrift stores for furniture!