Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall front porch.

I'm excited it's fall, partly because I get to decorate but mostly because I can finally spend time outside without dying. So I decided to combine the two and decorate outside!
Boring front door before.

Pretty after!

I feel like there should be something taller over here. I'd eventually like to add a chair or one of those really petite bistro sets; I have grand plans for a future front yard vegetable garden far away from where kids and puppies will play, so a place to sit out here would be nice.
Fake plant inherited from the previous owners, and a door mat from Lowe's in preparation for muddy winter boots.
Felt leaves from Dollar Tree. I attached them with Scotch Tape and they're already trying to fall down. Not sure what to use that will actually stick to the felt but not hurt the paint...