Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easy strawberry lemon slush.

Apparently it's summer in march all over the country, not just in Texas. So here. Have a yummy summery drink.

Frozen strawberries.

 I used lemonade mix because I had a giant thing of it from costco from before I decided to swear off foods that are basically entirely sugar.

If you're a better person than me, heat up a tiny bit of water in the microwave and dissolve some sugar (or stevia? or whatever other healthier sweetener.) in it, then add a ton of lemon juice because you want this to be strong to start with.

 If you're just as bad as me, a nice generous portion of lemonade mix will do nicely.

 And make some overly strong lemonade. It will get diluted in a second here.

 Add frozen strawberries to the blender.

 Also some ice, to give it more of a slushie texture.

(As opposed to just a really unhealthy smoothie.)

 Toss in the lemonade,

 blend it up,

 And there you go.

Makes a good couple of glasses of summery deliciousness.

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