Sunday, December 18, 2011

So I made this blog.

And now I'm waiting for the pictures from my camera to load to my laptop so I can actually post projects I've done. Basically I am trying to fulfill my lifelong (aka since like six months ago) dream of being a stay at home mom blogger who miraculously actually manages to do cute crafts in between changing diapers and being sleep-deprived. And then sells them on her etsy store. While decorating her house for every holiday. And cooking healthy and delicious meals. (Problems: I have no adorable children to post photographs of, I do not stay at home, there are already 32598340534 blogs like that, I'm too lazy to do most of that stuff, etc. Oh well, my friends will read this.)

Anyway in case you don't spend your whole life on the internet like I do, the blog title was inspired by this blog post (which is also famous enough to be on know your meme which I have discovered is a useful if boring version of encyclopedia dramatica.) Because I couldn't decide if I should have a blog about decorating or cooking or crafts or clothes or what so I decided it should have ALL the things! And that way no matter what I decide to post about it will definitely be relevant.

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