Sunday, December 18, 2011

Easy Ornament Wreath.

This is a project that I started almost a month ago and just finished today. Which is exactly like the majority of my projects except for the "actually getting finished" part which is somewhat of an anomaly. I got the idea from this blog post (found on pinterest).

You start with a wire hanger, bent into a circle (which doesn't have to be perfect because it's not really going to show).

And you start just stringing on basic ball ornaments (I bought several tubes of plastic ones from Dollar Tree.)

I ran out about halfway through my wreath (you need a lot more ornaments than you would think because you can get them really close together since they stick out in all directions from the wire. If you could figure out a way to get it to lay flat against the wall once it's hung, it would use fewer ornaments, but I just used a lot (it looks good from the front and the back once it's done.)

So anyway I didn't make it out to Dollar Tree again for a couple of weeks, mostly due to Kurt's refusal to go in there with me whenever we were out Christmas shopping. And by the time I got back, I had to get different ornaments because they were out of the kind I'd originally gotten. (Excuse the background mess in this picture, the living room floor is kind of our present making and wrapping headquarters at the moment.)

 Sooooooo I took all the ornaments off the wreath and laid them out in a big circle, being more careful this time to distribute colors evenly.

And then just strung them all on there and twisted the ends back together. (As you can see they mostly fit but I have a few left over. Ideas for what to do with those? I don't want to put them on the tree because they're obviously cheap if you look closely.)

I'm really pretty excited by how this turned out. Gotta love crafts that don't require patience or precision, two skills which I conspicuously lack.

You can sort of see the wire in there if you look closely. But it's not that bad. (I know my blurry photography is probably bothering you more right now than any supposed visible wires. Sorry.)

I decided to hang it in the middle of our living room window. Please ignore the hideous apartment blinds. I've just never gotten around to buying actual curtains.

You can barely see the top of the hanger when it's up there.

 So this isn't actually the cheapest craft ever; it uses so many ornaments that even buying the cheap ones from Dollar Tree, it will still be over $10 which takes it out of "cheap craft" range in my opinion. Maybe because I read too many blogs where people make amazing holiday decorations for like $2. But it's still cheap for a wreath, and kind of fun to do.

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  1. This is so pretty! And so perfectly round!

    I made one last Christmas, and the ornaments started popping off and eventually the whole thing just fell apart and I threw it in a box and left it there to decide later if I wanted to try to revive it. Maybe next year...