Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Leaf Doily Bunting Garland Thing!

(Are there enough pinterest keywords in that title?)

I know I said I was going to post more recipes on here! 
It's just that the ones I've tried lately haven't turned out spectacularly.
So here is a craft project instead.

There was this big blank wall in our dining room. Kurt's grandma gave me some metal candleholder wall art thingies that I was planning on putting up there, but Kurt just couldn't deal with the silliness of hanging candles so close to the wall that they would leave smoke all over it. So I decided it would be an ideal area for my fall bucket list item of "make a craft, maybe a bunting thing."

P.S. The furniture proportions are weird in the picture because we don't have a dining room table at the moment but we do have multiple coffee tables so we've just been eating sitting on the floor.

Materials: Doilies from the dollar store, twine, push pins, and glue. 
Gluestick ended up working better than hot glue, actually.

I started by putting two push-pins on the wall and tying on two lengths of twine.
(I measured to center it between the hutch and the other wall, and then just eyeballed the length of the twine to get it to hang where I wanted.)

I had originally planned on hot-gluing the doilies to the twine, but it was easier (and less hazardous to my fingers) to use a bit of gluestick on the stem of the "leaves" and just fold it over the twine. 

It was really easy to just put the whole thing together while it was on the wall, 
instead of assembling it first and then hanging.

I decided the garland would look best with just the leaf doilies, but I still wanted to bring in the yellow, so I glued one to each of the push-pins at the end. I just used gluestick and so far they've stayed on, so yay!

Pretty cute, right?
And such an easy way to fill up the empty wall.
I'm already planning a winter version with snowflakes.

While I was at it, I tackled the stupid box on the dining room wall.
I'd been on the lookout for a cheap "tapestry" looking scarf to cover it since we moved in here.

I just strung some twine between two push-pins. 
(I had to raise this a couple inches, actually, because it droops in the middle.)

And added a $5 scarf I found at Wal-Mart. 
(Hanging it on a string instead of just pinning it up means I can grab it and wear it when I want. It's the perfect fall colors! Ben helped me pick it out.)

So here is my cute fall-themed dining room.
Not super appropriate for the 85-degree afternoon we had here. Sigh.
Tomorrow we're going hiking so I'm hoping for more fall-ish weather!

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