Saturday, January 28, 2012

In which I take hanging items and hang them on something else.

A demonstration of my incredible organizing prowess:

I am pretty sure a whiteboard for the kitchen was the first thing Kurt bought for the apartment. Here it is.

The whiteboard is actually irrelevant though so don't look at it. Look at these little hooks I put on the wall to hold oven mitts and such. Ignore my list of goals on the whiteboard because even though they might sound achievable I basically never do those things. My grocery shopping consists more of "Ooh, cheese, that looks delicious. What could I make this week with cheese? I think I'll get the ingredients for that."

 My point is that the hooks were uncute and not even on the wall in a straight line so I took them down. If you ever want to use these, btw, either be super super patient taking them off or ignore their claims that they don't damage the walls. Here is what happened to my wall. Boo.

So I hung up this little guy that I bought at a thrift store. You know, just in case the fact that I have copper-colored jello molds hanging on the wall above my stove didn't make me feel enough like I'm in somebody's grandmother's kitchen. Now I have this. Pretty exciting, yes?

You can totally see the nails which I hadn't planned on. Gross. But still cuter than the alternative.

 At this point Kurt decided that the structural integrity of this whole apparatus was severely lacking, so he decided to fix it. Hammering things is a man's job, in his highly unprogressive mind.

 Kurt also made some little fabric loops to help hang some of my things on it. Here it is all accessorized.

 I love that we actually use this wall. P.S. The fact that the clock is off-center is the result of Kurt's aforementioned Hammering Is For Men attitude. I did not hang that clock.

Second masterful work of kitchen organizing genius:

Here is a box I stole from Kurt. It used to hold CDs. But now it is a kitchen box. There was nothing he could do.

So I took the mortar and pestle and mini teapot out and now I have a box for all the things I like to have next to the stove when I'm cooking. (Olive oil also goes in here but I am lame and did not get a picture. Which is terrible because I am sure my readers will fail to grasp the concept if I don't include the olive oil.)

So yeah, now my entire kitchen is completely organized except for a lot of the cabinets and the entire pantry and refrigerator. But y'all know that having a salt-pepper-olive-oil-and-vinegar box clearly takes priority over a refrigerator where I can find food before it gets moldy. Right?

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