Monday, January 23, 2012

baby biscuit pizzas.

One day I noticed that my tube of biscuits in the fridge would expire soon. Which is weird because it had never really occurred to me that tubes of biscuits, which are after all gross processed food, could expire. Oh well. Anyway I also had some cheese that needed used so I decided biscuits might make cute baby pizzas. 

 Step 1: Olive oil in a pan, then chopped garlic, a can of tomato sauce, a can of tomato paste, and a nice dollop of red wine. (Does red wine dollop? I think so.)

 Step 2: Grind up some fennel, basil, oregano, salt and pepper. We have a fancy mortar and pestle but really you can just toss it in. Rub it between your hands or crush the leaves a little to get it to release more flavor. This mortar and pestle set was like $6 at World Market though so get one if you want to feel gourmet without actually knowing anything.

 Step 3: Stir spices in. Become really really excited about future pizza.

 Step 4: Throw in a little bit of sugar. It will bring out the flavor of the tomato sauce. Really it will. This is important. I like using brown sugar but I suppose white would be ok. Also I don't know why the sauce decided to photograph a gross shade of brown right here. It was red, I swear!

Step 5: CHEESE. I had some fresh mozzarella which is amazingly delicious and also you can get it at Costco which means it's really good cheese for the price of normal cheese. Normal cheese would be fine too.

 Step 6: You should have put the biscuits in the oven a few minutes ago, I hope you didn't forget. Take them out now.

 Step 7: Split them in half and spread sauce on each half. Ignore how gross the cookie sheet looks after just having contained biscuits. I could take fancy staged pictures or make dinner in a reasonable amount of time, and I choose the latter.

 Step 8: Add as much pepperoni as will fit, which unfortunately is really only 3 per biscuit.

 Step 9: Try not to put too much cheese on because it will melt everywhere. Fail spectacularly in your cheese reasonability efforts.

 Step 10: Put it under the broiler and try not to freak out at how much your cookie sheet warps. It will go back to normal, it always does.

 Step 11: Remove from oven and yes the cheese *has* melted everywhere. (That's why I couldn't wait for it to get any browner.)

Step 12: Place on a plate so it will look slightly more appetizing. Really, these were quite yummy.

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