Saturday, February 4, 2012

In which I decide to be healthy.

I decided I would be momentarily vegetarian in order to lose weight.

It didn't work but it tasted good anyway.

Since I don't know how to cook fancy vegetarian food I just cooked a bunch of veggies at the same time.

(And some olive oil or butter. Veggies fried in butter are so delicious but I used olive oil in some misguided health attempt.)

(After well over a year of marriage I am still reconciling myself to cutting up onions because Kurt likes them.)

 Green bell peppers.
(And a few seeds, apparently.)

 Red bell peppers.
(Why are these so expensive? Does anyone know where to get them for cheap?)

(I used the pre-cut-up kind from Kroger because they were cheaper than the whole ones that day.)

 Salt and black pepper and crushed red pepper.  
(Crushed red pepper makes everything better lately.)

 Then just let it cook for a little while. I had to add a little water and a little more olive oil. (I like to use water to help saute things. Or apple juice. Or lemon juice. Just so I don't have to use as much oil.)

Grape tomatoes.
(I have recently discovered the deliciousness of grape tomatoes cooked. Plus they were a dollar for a package of them at Kroger. That never happens. I ate them like grapes for a week.)

Black beans.
(These are not delicious. But they add protein. And Kurt will not eat a proteinless vegetarian meal.) 

I thought the vegetables were really good by themselves but the next day I put them in an omelette with cheese (and toasted pita bread because somebody had to eat it.) I use "omelette" in the loosest sense of the word here as it really had zero structural integrity and was mostly vegetables with egg on them rather than egg with vegetables in it. But Kurt liked it better than just the veggies.

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